New Standards Report Cards

I had an 8:00 a.m. teachers meeting this morning. Boy, was my head spinning! It doesn’t take much these days.

One of our Directors of Assessment was showing us what our new standards based report cards will look like. Gone are the days of a one page report card. Gone are the days of letter grades. Gone are the days of averaging grades. This report card was at least 4 pages, if not 5 pages long. Each standard is listed on the card (now a document), and students are to be evaluated in each one.

I bet you can imagine what started running through my mind.  How do we keep track of all of this? That’s what I thought. We will not be implementing these report cards until the next school year, so we have one year to receive professional development using them.

Has anyone started using these report cards yet?

We have been using the standards for quite a while, but have never had to change our thinking, managing, assessments, all at one time. This is a huge undertaking, but a necessary one.

Let’s try and share ideas. I am just starting out, I hope some of you have had some experience and lead us in the right direction.