How to Fold and Cut a Folder into a Folder Lapbook

How to Fold and Cut a Folder into a Lapbook

A One Folder Lapbook- Shutter Fold

  1. Open a file folder and lay it flat. This can be any kind of folder, legal or letter size, colored, printed, plain.
  2. Fold each side into the middle. The tab of the folder will fit together with the other side.1b54ab4d1655756800407b309cd0a509
  3. The sides now become the cover of the lapbook, creating a shutter fold.How to create a folder lapbook- fold both edges in to middle.

Adding More to the basic folder

  1. If you need more space to place the mini books, you can add extensions by taping a piece of oaktag, a folder that was cut in half, or cardstock to the top of the base. You can then use both the front and back of the extension. You can also add another extension on the bottom. Using decorative tape will most definitely add color and dress up the base.lapbook_extra_flapAstronomy-Lapbook

How to Create a Folder Lapbook

A Fun, Slightly More Complicated Base (But, Oh, so fun to make)

  1. You will need 2 file folders of the same size. Open them both and lay flat.
  2. Take one of the folders and cut on the fold, approximately 1 inch on the top and bottom.single_file_folder_outside_cuts_shown (1)


  1. Take the other folder and cut from approximately 1 inch from the bottom to approximately 1 inch from the top.single_folded_inside_cut_shownimages (3)
  2. Take the first folder that had the two cuts at the top and bottom. You will need to roll the folder into a cylinder and fit it inside the other folder. Let it unroll. Match the cuts at the top and bottom with the uncut sections of the other folder.making_multiple_page_lapbook
  3. This now makes several pages.images (4)

How to Create a Folder Lapbook

One More Way

1. Fold 3 folders and fold them into shutterfolds. DSCN2059

2. Lay them side by side, and fold up each of the shutters.DSCN2062_thumb

3. Glue the first folders’ right hand shutter to the second folders’ left hand shutter.

4. Glue the second folders’ right hand shutter to the third folders’ left hand shutter.040547

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