I love weekends!

In between cleaning, napping, and doing what an adult is supposed to do on a weekend, I was busy surfing the web. I can’t help it… I am an addict of surfing! (Not really surfing in the ocean! Although, I do love being at the beach…..)

I usually start looking for lapbook stuff. I am going to share a link to a great site that is the BOMB for lapbooking: http://www.homeschoolshare.com/

If you are not sure what lapbooking is, if you need mini books templates, if you need information on a topic to make your own lapbooks, this is the site to see. All of their information is free, Free, FREE!!!!! It is the most amazing resource for lapbooks.

The site is organized so you can easily navigate through it. I would suggest you start with the Lapbook Resources section first. I just found that they posted mini book templates that are editable- you can put your own information on them! Guess what I will be downloading this afternoon!

The next step would be the actual lapbooks. There is a Master List of all lapbooks available. Just navigate to what interests you and have fun!

If you do visit the site, let me know what you think! It is lapbook heaven!!!