Animated Alphabets

An Old Obsession- Animated Alphabets!

For many years now, many years, I have been collecting Animated Alphabets. You may ask,”Why!”, or even, “Who Cares!” Well, because I like them. Perhaps you don’t know what I am talking about, so let me show you what these alphabets are!



My alphabets are graphics, either animated or non animated, attached to letters made into graphics.

How did my obsession with alphabets begin?

I started collecting animations- or animated gifs. I  had seen a couple of really cute animations, like above, on a website. I began saving them with the hopes of using them either on my own website, or to use them in MSPowerPoints I make in my class. I would spend hours each night after my children went to bed searching for animated gifs. I still have my cherished collection and use them in my school class page.

One day as I was searching for the gifs I saw the name of the website spelled out with moving letters. The above letters have the animated gifs attached to them. Some letters themselves are filled with animations, or even move like the gifs. From that time on, I began collecting them.

I collect animated and non animated alphabets. I have them stored on an external hard drive. It is now more than 100 gigs of alphabets.

Is there a cost?

Of course, I do not buy the animated alphabets. You can find places to buy them online. The good thing about buying them is that you then have the rights to use them without paying royalties, or having to chase down the creator and ask permission to use them on a website.

The great thing about collecting them free is that they are free!! It is the thrill of the search to find them. I have joined some email groups that even email them to me, no searching whatsoever! I have been in these groups for many years and know the creators of the alphabets by name. Many times I usually drool over the animated alphabets and laugh at the creative way the creators have used the graphics and letters. Yes, I have even created an alphabet or two. But that’s all, just two! I will share them with you and even give you permission to use them on your websites!

How do you make them?

The program that I used to make the alphabets was Paint Shop Pro. It has been known as the poor man’s PhotoShop. There is an Animation Factory plug in included in some versions. If you are using the Animation Factory you need to learn a few things about the animations first. I use it because the cost is so much less than PhotoShop. If you have PhotoShop it can be used, as well.

You may want to search for some fonts that allow themselves to be changed. Again, there are fonts that can be used without paying for them, but you need to get permission.

Are all the alphabets the same?

Yes, they are the same, in that they are alphabets. There are different ways they are made. I am going to show you some of the different kinds or categories.

The alphabets above are alphabets that are next to graphics.

There are filled alphabets:NL75_DiceJellies_AThe letter itself is still, but the things (the fillings) inside it are moving. This has also had a 3D effect.

AHere is a moving letter alphabet. The letter itself is moving. Knowing about animations helps here. Isn’t it cute?

There are also glittered alphabets. AInside the letter a glitter filling has been added.

What do I do with them?

As I mentioned before you can use them in powerpoints, on websites, email, etc. You can substitute the first letter of a paragraph like they do in books.

I usually make words with them. All you do is insert the letters into whatever program you are using.When I find my alphabets I will post them so you can have them. I just cannot find them right now. I put them in that special place so I knew where they were when I needed them. You know that spot! So I will show another one-

Animation9 animated alphabets



I enjoy sharing things that make my job easier. When I add these to my class web page it adds a bit of interest to the page.

Where can I find Animated Alphabets?

Below are some links that I did a basic search for animated alphabets:

3D animatedalphabets

Seven Oaks Art


To find these animated alphabets online do a search for animated alphabets. As you search you can see other names to search for. There are many creators that have their own websites that allow you to download. They are wonderful people.

If you ever find some please share where and what you have done with them.