Class Mother Thank You Gifts

Class Mother Thank You Gifts

The end of the year is a natural time to thank your class mothers or parents who have been instrumental in planning and setting up class parties and activities. Parents love to come to the classroom and if they can do something, it warms their hearts. At my school we are limited to having parents for parties only 3 times a year. So I need to strategically plan which parties need to be planned by parents. Because of this planning and support for the classroom I always want to show my appreciation and gratitude for the help.

Of course I do not just want to go the the candle store and get one candle for each parent helper. BORING! I usually want to do something creative and fun. I am going to share some of the class mother thank you gifts I have given over the year. I hope you will find it in your heart to share some that you have given.

Luau in a Bag

At my favorite store, Dollar Tree, I was searching throughout the store for ideas. Low and Behold! I found the perfect class mother thank you gifts in the summer party isle. There were blow up coconut trees, flamingos, parrots, etc. There were the party cut outs, leis, flower barrettes, drink umbrellas, cups, shot glasses, coconut mugs, you name it they had it. So I figured out how many bags I needed to make, and began filling my cart. In each bag I put one decoration- either the cut out or a blow up- a cup- either a Margarita, wine, or drink- a lei, and whatever else was there. I had some cloth bags I had gotten from our teachers’ convention. They were a big hit! I also added some kool aid to the bag.

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Note Pads

I used to rubber stamp and was able to decorate almost anything! I found some blank note pads at the dollar store. Using card stock, I made a cover for it. I stamped and decorated the cover with thank you stamps, added some ribbon or buttons, and I had a great gift. Here are some easy directions.

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Gifts in a Jar

These gifts are not new, but they are most welcome and enjoyed. The idea behind class mother thank you gifts in a jar is that all the dry ingredients of cakes or cookies are in the jar along with the directions for adding the other ingredients and baking instructions. There are a ton of recipes you could use: Here are some links:

The Frugal Girls

Tip Junkie

Both of these sites have some great ideas,not only for cookies or cakes, but for bath salts, dips, etc.

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I will update this post as I come across more.